modes of learning

Online Classes

Students take online classes following a two-term structure. Classes are built up of video lectures taught by our outstanding Persian-speaking faculty, readings, and interactive lesson activities and assignments. A tutor is assigned to each class, supervising the students’ studies, marking their assignments, and sending them regular feedback. Once a month, the class lecturer holds a video-conference with the students taking their class.

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Formation Conferences

As part of the B.Th. program, Students gather once a year in groups of 15-25 to engage in a rich program of seminars, workshops, counselling, small group discussion, prayer and fellowship.

The focus of the conferences is to nurture the spiritual, communal and vocational formation of every student. Topics taught at conferences include The Gospel and Shame, Union with Christ: The Journey of Sanctification and more.


Mentored Growth & Development

Students meet with a mentor once every 3 weeks for a 1- hour-long session. For this they receive 1 credit a year, providing they write 2 reflective papers on their mentoring journey. The mentoring relationship provides a “one-on-one” or “life-on-life” interaction between the student and a more mature leader with the aim of developing a relationship of encouragement and spiritual direction in the students’ holistic formation.


Ministerial Practice & Reflection

Under the guidance of their mentor, students engage in an agreed area of ministry for at least two hours every week of study. Examples of student ministry include Church planting, pastoring a house church, translating Christian literature, running an NA group, etc. Students receive 3 credits a year for this component of their training, providing they submit a Theological Journal.

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