shagerd website

"The Disciple"

Our public Persian-language website is called “Shagerd” or “The Disciple” in English.

The website is built around 5 main sections: Leadership, Worldview, Counselling and Spiritual Formation. Each of these sections offers informative articles, videos and readings written and developed in the Persian-language for the Iranian church worldwide.

The website also includes a weekly seasonal podcast, where Faculty members gather to discuss issues of the day.

Shagerd Academy
Shagerd Academy is an interactive online platform (part of the Shagerd website) that offers online courses and course packages on a variety of topics. Courses are made up of video lectures taught in Persian, discussion questions and quizzes. Courses are designed for the public, but especially busy Persian-speaking leaders and disciple-makers who are unable to enrol in Pars' formal training program. Courses normally entail no more than 20-30 hours of learning.